Active Schools

On June 17th 2014 the school was awarded the ACTIVE FLAG showing all the great efforts the boys and girls made to keep active, fit and healthy.

We had a Dance Day last March when all the children performed a series of dances and some classes did individual performances.

Then in June Ms. Darcy organised an Active Week.

Monday: Tennis

Tuesday: Orienteering in Ballybeg Woods

Wednesday: Athletics and Yoga

Thursday: Zumba and 5th class cycle

Friday: Sport’s Day

We had a lot of fun!


Dance Day:

m_IMG_0303 m_IMG_0219 m_IMG_0220 m_IMG_0222 m_IMG_0223 m_IMG_0225 m_IMG_0228 m_IMG_0229 m_IMG_0230 m_IMG_0231 m_IMG_0234 m_IMG_0236 m_IMG_0237 m_IMG_0238 m_IMG_0239 m_IMG_0240 m_IMG_0241 m_IMG_0242 m_IMG_0245 m_IMG_0249 m_IMG_0251 m_IMG_0254 m_IMG_0256 m_IMG_0258 m_IMG_0262 m_IMG_0265 m_IMG_0266 m_IMG_0268 m_IMG_0269 m_IMG_0273 m_IMG_0274 m_IMG_0275 m_IMG_0276 m_IMG_0277 m_IMG_0278 m_IMG_0279 m_IMG_0280 m_IMG_0281 m_IMG_0282 m_IMG_0284 m_IMG_0285 m_IMG_0286 m_IMG_0290 m_IMG_0292 m_IMG_0295 m_IMG_0296 m_IMG_0298 m_IMG_0299 m_IMG_0301 m_IMG_0302m_IMG_0297 m_IMG_0221 m_IMG_0226 m_IMG_0232 m_IMG_0233 m_IMG_0248 m_IMG_0253 m_IMG_0259 m_IMG_0261 m_IMG_0264 m_IMG_0270 m_IMG_0271 m_IMG_0289 m_IMG_0294


Hurling Training:


m_P1020353 m_P1020342 m_P1020343 m_P1020344 m_P1020345 m_P1020346 m_P1020347



m_IMG_0753 m_IMG_0641 m_IMG_0642 m_IMG_0644 m_IMG_0645 m_IMG_0646 m_IMG_0647 m_IMG_0648 m_IMG_0649 m_IMG_0650 m_IMG_0651 m_IMG_0652 m_IMG_0653 m_IMG_0655 m_IMG_0657 m_IMG_0658 m_IMG_0661 m_IMG_0664 m_IMG_0665 m_IMG_0666 m_IMG_0667 m_IMG_0668 m_IMG_0669 m_IMG_0670 m_IMG_0671 m_IMG_0672 m_IMG_0673 m_IMG_0674 m_IMG_0675 m_IMG_0676 m_IMG_0677 m_IMG_0678 m_IMG_0679 m_IMG_0680 m_IMG_0681 m_IMG_0682 m_IMG_0683 m_IMG_0684 m_IMG_0685 m_IMG_0686 m_IMG_0687 m_IMG_0688 m_IMG_0689 m_IMG_0690 m_IMG_0691 m_IMG_0692 m_IMG_0693 m_IMG_0695 m_IMG_0696 m_IMG_0698 m_IMG_0699 m_IMG_0700 m_IMG_0701 m_IMG_0704 m_IMG_0705 m_IMG_0706 m_IMG_0707 m_IMG_0708 m_IMG_0709 m_IMG_0710 m_IMG_0711 m_IMG_0713 m_IMG_0714 m_IMG_0717 m_IMG_0718 m_IMG_0719 m_IMG_0720 m_IMG_0723 m_IMG_0726 m_IMG_0727 m_IMG_0728 m_IMG_0729 m_IMG_0730 m_IMG_0731 m_IMG_0732 m_IMG_0733 m_IMG_0734 m_IMG_0735 m_IMG_0736 m_IMG_0737 m_IMG_0738 m_IMG_0739 m_IMG_0740 m_IMG_0741 m_IMG_0742 m_IMG_0743 m_IMG_0744 m_IMG_0745 m_IMG_0746 m_IMG_0747 m_IMG_0748 m_IMG_0749 m_IMG_0750 m_IMG_0751 m_IMG_0752



Orienteering in Ballybeg Woods


m_P1020341 m_100_2177 m_100_2178 m_100_2179 m_100_2180 m_100_2181 m_100_2182 m_100_2183 m_100_2185 m_DSCF8468 m_DSCF8469 m_DSCF8470 m_DSCF8471 m_DSCF8472 m_DSCF8473 m_DSCF8474 m_DSCF8475 m_DSCF8476 m_DSCF8477 m_DSCF8478 m_DSCF8479 m_DSCF8480 m_DSCF8481 m_DSCF8482 m_DSCF8483 m_DSCF8484 m_DSCF8485 m_DSCF8486 m_DSCF8487 m_DSCF8488 m_DSCF8489 m_DSCF8490 m_DSCF8491 m_DSCF8493 m_DSCF8494 m_DSCF8495 m_DSCF8497 m_DSCF8498 m_DSCF8499 m_DSCF8500 m_DSCF8503 m_DSCF8504 m_DSCF8505 m_DSCF8506 m_DSCF8507 m_DSCF8508 m_DSCF8509 m_DSCF8510 m_DSCF8511 m_DSCF8512 m_DSCF8513 m_DSCF8514 m_DSCF8515 m_DSCF8516 m_DSCF8517 m_DSCF8518 m_DSCF8519 m_IMG_0754 m_IMG_0755 m_IMG_0756 m_IMG_0757 m_IMG_0758 m_IMG_0759 m_IMG_0760 m_IMG_0761 m_IMG_0762 m_IMG_0763 m_IMG_0764 m_IMG_0765 m_IMG_0766 m_P1020334 m_P1020335 m_P1020336 m_P1020338 m_P1020339 m_P1020340



m_P1020371 m_P1020372 m_P1020373 m_P1020374 m_IMG_0767 m_IMG_0768 m_IMG_0769 m_IMG_0770 m_IMG_0771 m_IMG_0774 m_IMG_0775 m_IMG_0776 m_IMG_0777 m_IMG_0778 m_IMG_0779 m_IMG_0780 m_IMG_0781 m_IMG_0782 m_IMG_0783 m_IMG_0784 m_IMG_0785 m_IMG_0787 m_IMG_0788 m_IMG_0791 m_IMG_0793 m_IMG_0794 m_IMG_0795 m_IMG_0808 m_IMG_0809 m_IMG_0811 m_IMG_0812 m_IMG_0813 m_IMG_0814 m_IMG_0815 m_IMG_0816 m_IMG_0817 m_IMG_0818 m_IMG_0819 m_IMG_0820 m_IMG_0821 m_IMG_0822 m_IMG_0823 m_IMG_0824 m_IMG_0825 m_IMG_0826 m_IMG_0827 m_IMG_0828 m_IMG_0830 m_IMG_0831 m_IMG_0833 m_m_100_2235 m_m_100_2236 m_m_100_2237 m_m_100_2238 m_m_100_2239 m_m_100_2240 m_m_100_2241 m_P1020354 m_P1020355 m_P1020356 m_P1020357 m_P1020358 m_P1020359 m_P1020360 m_P1020361 m_P1020362 m_P1020363 m_P1020364 m_P1020365 m_P1020366 m_P1020367 m_P1020368 m_P1020369 m_P1020370


m_IMG_0798 m_IMG_0799 m_IMG_0800 m_IMG_0801 m_IMG_0802 m_IMG_0803 m_IMG_0804 m_IMG_0805 m_IMG_0806 m_IMG_0807 m_DSCF8520 m_DSCF8521 m_DSCF8522 m_DSCF8524 m_DSCF8527 m_DSCF8528 m_DSCF8531 m_DSCF8535 m_DSCF8536 m_DSCF8537 m_DSCF8538 m_IMG_0796 m_IMG_0797

m_100_2189 m_100_2190



m_100_2218 m_100_2219 m_100_2220 m_100_2221 m_100_2222 m_100_2223 m_100_2224 m_100_2225 m_100_2226

m_IMG_0918 m_IMG_0834 m_IMG_0835 m_IMG_0836 m_IMG_0837 m_IMG_0838 m_IMG_0839 m_IMG_0840 m_IMG_0841 m_IMG_0842 m_IMG_0843 m_IMG_0844 m_IMG_0845 m_IMG_0846 m_IMG_0847 m_IMG_0848 m_IMG_0849 m_IMG_0850 m_IMG_0851 m_IMG_0852 m_IMG_0853 m_IMG_0854 m_IMG_0855 m_IMG_0856 m_IMG_0857 m_IMG_0858 m_IMG_0859 m_IMG_0860 m_IMG_0861 m_IMG_0867 m_IMG_0869 m_IMG_0870 m_IMG_0871 m_IMG_0872 m_IMG_0873 m_IMG_0874 m_IMG_0875 m_IMG_0876 m_IMG_0877 m_IMG_0878 m_IMG_0879 m_IMG_0880 m_IMG_0881 m_IMG_0882 m_IMG_0883 m_IMG_0884 m_IMG_0885 m_IMG_0886 m_IMG_0887 m_IMG_0888 m_IMG_0889 m_IMG_0890 m_IMG_0891 m_IMG_0893 m_IMG_0894 m_IMG_0895 m_IMG_0896 m_IMG_0897 m_IMG_0898 m_IMG_0899 m_IMG_0902 m_IMG_0903 m_IMG_0904 m_IMG_0905 m_IMG_0906 m_IMG_0907 m_IMG_0908 m_IMG_0909 m_IMG_0910 m_IMG_0911 m_IMG_0912 m_IMG_0913 m_IMG_0914 m_IMG_0915 m_IMG_0916 m_IMG_0917




m_100_2197 m_100_2198 m_100_2199 m_100_2200 m_100_2201 m_100_2202 m_100_2203 m_100_2204 m_100_2205 m_100_2206 m_100_2207 m_100_2208 m_100_2209 m_100_2210 m_100_2211 m_100_2212 m_100_2213 m_100_2214 m_100_2215 m_100_2216 m_100_2217 m_DSC04916 m_DSC04917 m_DSC04918 m_DSC04919 m_DSC04920 m_DSC04921 m_DSC04922 m_DSC04923 m_DSC04926 m_DSC04927 m_DSC04928 m_DSC04929 m_DSC04932 m_DSC04933 m_DSC04934 m_DSC04935 m_DSC04936 m_DSC04937 m_DSC04938 m_DSC04939 m_DSC04940 m_DSC04941 m_DSC04942 m_DSC04943 m_DSC04944 m_DSC04947 m_DSC04948 m_DSC04949 m_DSC04951 m_DSC04952 m_DSC04953 m_DSC04954 m_DSC04956


Sport’s Day:

m_DSC05019 m_100_2191 m_100_2192 m_100_2193 m_100_2194 m_100_2195 m_100_2196 m_DSC04963 m_DSC04964 m_DSC04965 m_DSC04966 m_DSC04967 m_DSC04968 m_DSC04969 m_DSC04970 m_DSC04971 m_DSC04972 m_DSC04973 m_DSC04974 m_DSC04975 m_DSC04976 m_DSC04977 m_DSC04978 m_DSC04979 m_DSC04980 m_DSC04981 m_DSC04982 m_DSC04983 m_DSC04984 m_DSC04985 m_DSC04986 m_DSC04987 m_DSC04988 m_DSC04990 m_DSC04991 m_DSC04993 m_DSC04994 m_DSC04996 m_DSC04997 m_DSC04998 m_DSC05000 m_DSC05001 m_DSC05002 m_DSC05003 m_DSC05004 m_DSC05005 m_DSC05006 m_DSC05007 m_DSC05008 m_DSC05009 m_DSC05010 m_DSC05011 m_DSC05012 m_DSC05013 m_DSC05014 m_DSC05015 m_DSC05016 m_DSC05017 m_DSC05018