Green Flag 1 Litter

The first green flag we achieved was for litter and it was awarded to us in 2004.

In our school we recycle tetra pak waste and compost daily.  The children are encouraged to dispose of waste in the designated bins and senior students collect from the classrooms.  General waste is lightened by pupils bringing lunch boxes and drink bottles to school. We discourage the overuse of tinfoil and clingfilm.  Our fourth class students collect litter from the school yard every Friday.

It is very important to remember the three R’s with regard to litter:  REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.
Reduce. Only buy something if you really need it. In supermarkets try to buy products with less packaging. Students should use both sides of paper and use up all their copybooks. Don’t put too much in your lunchboxes, only bring what you can manage to eat. All fruit and vegetable parings can be composted.
Use reusable items such as energy saving bulbs, rechargeable batteries and reusable shopping bags. Newspapers can be used to wrap up compost.
Use old bottles/jars/cereal boxes for art. Carrier bags can be used as bin liners.  Old clothes and books can be donated to charity shops.

Recycle/dispose  of all plastic/cardboard/paper/tin products appropriately.
Swap toys and board games with friends instead of throwing them out. Have machines/appliances regularly serviced to ensure long life.
Recycle batteries, oil and paint properly.  All glass product should be disposed of at your local bottle banks. Aim to buy products with recyclable packaging.

Thank you from Sadie O’Brien, Sarah Hickey, Megan Harding, Tadhg Duffy, Fionn Carmody and Aaron Hayes.