Green Flag 2 Energy


To conserve energy in our school we turn off all switches that are on standby.  On sunny days we do not use the artificial lighting in our classrooms.  At break times we turn off lights to save electricity. We use sensor lights in our toilets. We turn off computers when not in use. At the end of the day all computers are shut down in our computer room.

Helpful tips to assist in saving energy both at home and at work.
Turn off lights and socket switches when leaving a room.
If you have gas heating, turn it off when you do not need it as it will save energy and money.
Try and use CFL/LED bulbs. They are cost effective as they use up less energy than normal bulbs and last longer.
Turn off appliances such as a TV, stereos, laptops etc. when they are not in use. If you leave these appliances on stand-by they continue to use energy. Do not leave chargers plugged in when not in use as they continue to use energy also. Try to attach timer switches to outdoor lighting in case you forget to turn them off.

Do not leave doors open as heat escapes and energy is wasted.
Try to use time and temperture controls on your heating systems. Reducing your heating by 1% can save 10% on your energy bill. Consider upgrading to an energy efficient heating system.

Thank you,

John Casey, Shaina Browne, Darragh O’Callaghan, Nora Gowran, Conor Ralph and Leah Moore.