Recycle Appeal

We encourage you to recycle used batteries and all your old mobile phones and to send them into the school on a regular basis.  Our school forwards all used batteries to ERP (European Recycling Platform)Ireland where they will be recycled in a controlled environment.  All phones are dispatched to the Jack ‘n Jill foundation to raise funds and help sustain their much needed services. is a web service designed to facilitate and encourage the reuse of household and business items.

The aim of this service, which is free and accessible to all, is to:
• Protect the environment through the reuse of items.
• Reduce costs for users on waste disposal.
• Encourage the better use of household and business resources.
• Extend the lifespan and value of items through reuse.
• Contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle for citizens in Ireland.
• Bring about a change in our behaviour in the management of waste.

Please feel free to browse the website and be encouraged by the wonderful initiatives available to us.

Thank you.