Junior Achievement

Primary School Programmes

Junior Achievement is helping to create a culture of enterprise within the education system. The program help young people prepare for the world of work, giving them skills in communications and preparing for interviews. Financial literacy programmes teach students how to manage, protect and make the most out of their future salaries. As we move towards a knowledge-based economy, Junior Achievement is also bringing science and maths skills to thousands of young students nationwide through our programmes and events

Junior Achievement business volunteers choose the hands-on activity-based programme they’d like to teach, the area they’d like to teach it in and the time of year they’d like to do this in.

Ourselves (5 – 6 years)

Ourselves introduces the economic roles of individuals.

Our Families (6–7 Years)

Our Families discusses the role of families in the local economy.

Our Community (7–8 Years)

Our Community looks at responsibilities and economic opportunities within a community.

Our City (8–9 Years)

Our City considers economic development, local businesses, and career opportunities.

Our Region (9–10 Years)

Our Region explains the economic/business resources found in local and regional economies.

Our Nation (10–11 Years)

Our Nation studies business operations and economic issues in Ireland

Our Universe (10–12 Years)

Our Universe explores the world of science and engineering in a fun and exciting way.

More than Money (12 – 13 Years)

JA More than Money reinforces the economics, business and social studies curriculum for students of sixth class primary