Green Flag 4 Travel


We achieved our fourth green flag for travel a few years ago.  By promoting sustainable transport modes (walking, cycling or car-pooling) the school will improve pupils’ safety, health and fitness.  Our school encourages us to cycle and/or walk to school as much as possible.
Walking/cycling is a great way to maintain and increase fitness levels. It is also a great way to awaken and exercise your brain. Children who walk and/or cycle are more alert and ready to learn. During the months of spring, summer and early autumn we organise designated weeks for walking and cycling to school. We also organise Park n’ Stride days where parents are encouraged to drop their children at the church grounds and all will walk together to school. It is also a great opportunity to socialise and chat with fellow pupils.

Don’t take the car,

It’s not very far.

Carpooling is also another way to save on fuel and stop pollution. Families and friends can take turns on bringing a number of students to school in one car rather than using multiple cars. The more often we use our cars, we use more fuel which pollutes our country and the area where we live. It also saves money and keeps it in our pockets.

Always be aware that we have public transport to take us on excursions and long journeys. It is more cost effective but kinder to our environment. It also allows you to socialise more and make new buddies.

Don’t use fuel, 

Carpool or walk to school. 

By Megan Healy, Scarlett West, Eve Twomey, Sarah McMahon and Julia Wiechcinska(Mr. Sharkey’s 5th class)