Board of Management

The new Board of Management of Clarecastle National School has responsibility for managing the school and is accountable to the patron and the Minister for Education. The current Board of Management has been appointed and its term of office is from the 1st December 2015 to 30th November 2019. The Board of Management is constituted as follows.

Board Member                   Role                                     Nominating Group

Mr. Liam Barry                 Chairperson                                 Patron’s Nominee

Mr. Brendan Browne        Safety Officer                              Parent Nominee

Ms. Fiona Hickey               Purchasing Officer                     Parent Nominee

Ms. Aileen McEntee          Treasurer                                   Community Nominee

 Mr.James Malone            Maintenance Officer                  Community Nominee

Ms. Claire Donnelly           Ancillary Staff Officer               Teacher Nominee

Mr. Martin Moloney         Secretary                                    School Principal

The running of our school is truly enriched by the volunteerism and commitment of the members of our school and the wider community.This is evident from the high number of parents who willingly put their names forward for the election of Parent Nominees, it is encouraging to see such a high level of interest in our school.